Development and Management

Gevim specializes in managing interfaces and building collaborations in and between organizations. Gevim provides consulting services, coaching and facilitating organizational change. In order to support Dialogical Organizational Culture and Effective Interaction, Gevim also provides training for managers in using tools for Interface Management, Collaboration, Negotiation in and between organizations, Conflict Management, Mediation for Managers and more.


Gevim develops and implements tools for managing Effective and Collaborative Dialogue in the Education System, as well as a variety of methods for Interface Management, Mediation and Conflict Management, Changing the School Climate and Violence Prevention.
Implementing the "Mediation Language" has a crucial impact on teachers, students and parents. More than 1,000 schools, kindergartens, colleges and departments of education chose to work with Gevim group over the years.

Society and Community

We in Gevim believe that a strong community is based on the quality of the collaborations within it and with its contiguous surroundings. For over a decade, we have been providing professional guidance for Community Dialogue & Mediation Centers, leading consensus building processes, and facilitating cross-cultural dialogue and crisis prevention and intervention, mainly in Mixed Cities. We also train community leadership and officials in local authorities in tools for Effective Management of Interfaces and Conflicts.

General Public

Mediation is a way of life and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Gevim offers a variety of professional courses in the field of Mediation and Coaching, and a range of empowerment workshops. In addition, Gevim provides Mediation services in different fields: family, business and more..